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When your auto insurance and homeowners insurance programs are properly structured and attentively reviewed by your Louisville Kentucky insurance agent, you benefit
  • by dealing with one agent who can help identify your needs and coordinate your coverages to reduce overlap and assure complete asset protection.
  • You will also benefit with personalized discounts to assure your price advantage for multiple line business.
  • But most importantly, you will know you have the coverage you need to protect your income, your assets and your family.
By becoming an independent agency Louisville Kentucky Insurance can shop your car insurance and homeowners coverages through multiple A-rated companies to get you the best value.

Our Agency Mission

Our goal as an agency is to truly be your agent. That sounds simple but to truly be your agent there are many things we must do. Earn your trust and keep your trust are our key concepts.

Our highest priority is to talk to you about how to
properly insure yourself, keeping the emphasis on coverage and value for the premium dollars you spend. Value does not mean cheap. Cheap coverage can cost you your life savings. When it comes to auto insurance, home insurance, business insurance, motorcycle insurance or life insurance you need a local agent that you can trust and depend on.
The Value of an Independent Agent

Value is what is important: the right coverage at a fair price.

We feel it is our job to educate you as our client as to the coverage that you should consider. Proper coverage comes at a cost, but not having proper coverage can cost even more.

We encourage periodic reviews. We will invite you in occasionally to do an insurance checkup. We feel that the best time to learn about coverages is before there is a claim rather than after.

We encourage questions, and if we do not have the answer, we have a great support system to get them for you.

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